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I’m a professional writer with experience both in the creative realm and the world of business. With a career in sales and management behind me, I bring order and efficiency to the typically messy writing process to produce top-quality work efficiently.

Professional Writing Experience

Creative writing

With a BA in Creative Writing, I specialize in writing fiction. I’ve written a wide range of fiction, including:

I’m also a professional movie reviewer for TiVo, with over a dozen reviews published on

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And, as any woefully serious writer, I’m working on the next Great American Novel.

Versatile and expert copywriter

I’m a highly effective copywriter for businesses and creative professionals.

  • I’ve produced webpages and website content for a wide variety of clients, ranging from an appraisal firm in San Diego, United States to a recruitment agency in Perth, Australia.
  • I design and write Facebook display ads that perform over 3x better than averageAchieved 6.2% click-through-rate, compared to 1.9% industry average.
  • I write compelling product descriptions that connect deeply with readers.
  • I write electronic press kits (EPKs) and websites for musicians.

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Accomplished technical writer

I’ve written technical documents such as software installation and usage guides that are unequivocally clear and effective to even novices. I’ve even created work instructions that’re in compliance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System audits.
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Trusted ghostwriter

I’ve also authored a number of books as a professional ghostwriter. Topics I’ve written about include:


My education and continuing thirst for knowledge imbue me with a keen understanding of the way that the world works. My eclectic knowledge base enables me to adapt to a wide range of projects.

I attended Hunter College in New York City, during which I was nominated for the interdisciplinary Thomas Hunter Honors Program, as well as the Golden Key International Society. I majored in Creative Writing with a specialization in Fiction and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s of Arts in English Literature.

Renaissance Intellect

Aside from English Literature, I uniquely straddle the line between the liberal arts and the sciences. I’ve taken extensive coursework in:

  • Cognitive and evolutionary psychology, and psychotherapy
  • Ethology (the study of animal behavior)
  • Cultural anthropology (the study of human culture)
  • Religion (both Western and Eastern religions, like Judaism and Taoism)
  • Media studies (including both film and television)

Since my graduation, I’ve continued to expand my knowledge of the way the world works, including continued study in evolutionary psychology, urban planning, and architecture.

Other Professional Achievements

With a decade of sales, training, and management experience behind me, I’ve consistently proven that I exceed all expectations. These are a few of my most pronounced achievements.

  • As a Regional Manager at a London-based consulting firm, I spearheaded an international business expansion. I was given a stretch goal of reaching profitability in 3 months. I reached it in 2 months. I did this by recruiting a commission-only sales force (a feat in itself) comprised of fresh graduates with no job experience, then training and motivating them to sell. As a result of my leadership, my team smashed through company records. They reached competence 3x faster than other offices that were operational for 2–3 years. They also sold 2x as much as others.
  • As a recruiter for an international language services company, I played a crucial role in the success of the company. In order to secure federal contracts, I recruited from communities that number as low as 0.0002% of the US population. In my first 90 days, I earned myself a 13% raise by exceeding the incumbent’s performance during high-volume recruitment by 26%. In all, the company expected me to reach my recruitment targets in 12 months—I reached my placement goals twice as fast as they thought possible, filling up their requisitions in just six months.

I’ve proven time and again that there are no obstacles that I can’t overcome with intelligence, ingenuity, and grit.

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