Do you want to make sure you can get high-quality work at reasonable prices?

Your positive feedback is really important. On Upwork, freelancers like myself rely on you to maintain a healthy Job Success Score in order to make a living. By leaving positive feedback and closing contracts quickly, you make it easier for professionals to secure new gigs, which helps you get work done at lower rates. That’s because if the work is plentiful, professionals can afford to charge less per client. If it’s hard to find work, then we need to charge more per client to make up for lost income potential.

Over 99% of my clients are satisfied with my work. In the rare event that my client isn’t satisfied, I expect them to afford me the courtesy of making things right before leaving bad feedback.

By working with me, you agree to do two simple things:

  • Close contracts once the job is complete. Upwork penalizes freelancers for doing it on your behalf. That’s why it’s really important for you to close the contract once it ends. If you don’t, you impact my Job Success Score negatively.
  • Leave me good public and private feedback. Leaving negative feedback should be a last resort. After all, doing so isn’t going to get you what you paid for anyway. I would rather make every effort to fulfill your vision rather than tarnish my reputation.

In exchange, I also promise to leave you positive feedback on Upwork, making it easier for you to attract top talent at reasonable prices.

Please be considerate and courteous. A small effort goes a long way in this world.

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