Electronic Press Kit for Musicians and DJs

A Guadalajara DJ playing underground techno sets hired me to write her electronic press kit (EPK). I used my ability to connect with people on a deep level to understand her artistic vision and to bring her music to life through highly evocative wordsmithing. I crafted her biography in varying lengths, in addition to an Artist’s Vision section. She gave me shining praise, saying that she loved every word of it.

EPK Bio for SüSS

SüSS is an upcoming underground techno DJ specializing in psybient, tech-house, and experimental genres. The Guadalajara native is a multi-instrumentalist artist whose music is a numinous experience that enraptures and unifies both long-time techno listeners and newcomers alike.

In her early life, SüSS was raised under the tutelage of a Mexican rock n’ roll star and surrounded by musicians. Later as an adult she trained professionally in the engineering, technology, and design disciplines. Today, SüSS combines technical precision with artistic expressiveness. Her entrancing sound has a signature hypnotic rhythm that simultaneously transcends, unifies, and moves the crowd.

SüSS’s passion for underground techno bloomed in late 2014, when she played for tens of thousands of people at the 212 Festival hosted by RMX. Then in early 2015 she played at Bar Américas in Guadalajara. Emboldened by her growth, she started her own recording studio later that year in Colonia Americana where she immersed herself with the underground community. It wasn’t long before she travelled to Los Angeles where she connected with DJ Modus to master her mixing skills.

2017 marks an important part of SüSS’s journey. SüSS released her first track Gitche in March. Then following that, she travelled straight to the heart of Berlin, in the neighborhood of Mitte. In the birthplace of techno where the entire underground movement began, she spent months immersing herself in the heart and soul of the music.

It was there in Mitte that SüSS connected with Eliazar Noba, head of the label DEFAULT MACHINE and resident of the Katerblau Club, famous for its leading world-class selection of music. Noba recognized her talent for composition and in April 2017, DEFAULT MACHINE signed SüSS onto their label for her second-ever track titled MITTE.

Today, SüSS continues to forge the way forward in [musical techniques]. With roots in playing DJ sets, she’s making strides in live, hybrid, and live analog sets as well. SüSS’s music gives her listeners a window into lucid freedom, gifting them with a moment where past and future vanish, leaving pure music. Entrancing. Numinous. Pure. This is SüSS’s sound.

Artistic Vision

Transcend yourself and return to your truth. That’s what the SüSS experience is all about.

SüSS creates remarkable experiences for her listeners. She paints energetic yet hypnotic soundscapes that are entrancing and infinite. She strives to create moments for people to vanish into each other, to transform a listener’s mind and free them from the profane. Her music gives listeners a way to break free from the temporal societal self, a window to access a state where there’s no ego-self, no time and no place—only raw expression of humanity where you’re with the world and of the world, yet beyond it. SüSS’s sound draws you in the by the hand and seduces you with a hypnotic rhythm and an entrancing sound. If you listen carefully, you pass through her gateway truly enraptured, simultaneously as connected with your personal truth as you are with the cosmos.