Writing a Marketing Company’s SaaS Landing Page

A marketing company hired me to rewrite their landing page. They provided a suite of SaaS marketing and CRM solutions to nonprofit organizations, such as police and fire organizations).

The problem was that they had a wide array of services. Their existing site described their services as things that they could do—functions and features. Service-based companies have wide-ranging capabilities and can do quite a lot. Too much, in fact.

Furthermore, the company primarily served an older generation that isn’t familiar with social media and technology solutions. The challenge was to communicate the value of retaining my client as a social media manager and to upsell this population on this additional service.

I conducted an incisive interview with the company to determine their value propositions. Then, I rewrote their landing page with this key question in mind: Can a layperson understand what this company does and how they can help them? The benchmark that I set for my copywriting was: any viewer who visits their site should be able to quickly make a connection between what the company does and the benefit to the viewer.

The copy that I wrote was clear, concise, and communicated the value of the company’s services.

Click here for a PDF of the landing page I wrote for them.