Luxury Jewelry Product Descriptions

“Terry was absolutely amazing. He was able to fully understand a very niche product in a short amount of time and craft such perfect writing that really captured the essence for the audience. He delivered results that were well above and beyond expectations, also very professional in his approach. I will definitely be calling upon Terry to handle future projects and urge others to do the same.”
– T. Nguyen, Australia

A digital marketing company hired me to completely transform their products.

‘Grillz’—custom-molded caps of gold worn on the teeth—are typically considered garish displays of ill-gotten gains by most. They’re associated with gangsta rap and drug dealers.

I took products that are typically associated with violence and aggression and elevated them, transforming them into upscale luxury jewelry. These are the product descriptions that I wrote. My client was ecstatic with the copywriting I did for them.

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See my work on their website here: Clés & Co links here and here. PDF here.