Science Fiction Kindle Book

I was hired to write a short Kindle book in the science fiction LitRPG genre. Despite having no prior knowledge or exposure to LitRPGs, and with this being my first science fiction book, I wrote a book that performed extremely well. In its first two weeks of launch, it averaged an Amazon Best Seller Rank of 22,500, with rankings as high as #4 on specific Kindle niches. By any measure, it’s a profitable and successful book.

Here’s what readers have said about my book:

If you love great fiction or you love gaming, then you should get this book.

The whole concept was awesome (which is the most important part if you ask me). The reasoning and tech processes seemed legitimate, and nothing was too far-fetched. It kept me genuinely interested and curious/excited where things were going to go next, like getting cozy on the couch before being thoroughly entertained by a relevant movie or show…The very beginning description of the main character in the simulation was very smart, and answered a lot of questions in a compact and seamlessly flowing type of way while still being entertaining. The stats and numbers were exciting to read through instead of dull.”

“…Most such works and practices focus on the use of the VR itself, rather than addressing some of the technical issues involved in creating it—or the business concerns that can attend upon it. That [the author] makes a point of directly engaging with both is to his credit, and it is to be hoped that the sequel/s will do more.”

Be ready to want more! I think this book has a great premise and will lead into a very interesting series for anyone who loves sci-fi, gaming, and action.”

I’m an adaptable ghostwriter and can write in a wide range of genre, including action, drama, science fiction, romance, erotica, and more. My weakness is comedy—while I have difficulty writing humor-driven stories, I’m more than capable of injecting humor into any genre. I specialize in Fiction.

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